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JOSTLING FOR SPACE…..internal journeys….Revati Sharma Singh

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cordially invites you to the opening reception of a solo show

JOSTLING FOR SPACE - internal journeys


Saturday 20th October 2012, 6 pm onwards

The show continues till Tuesday,20th of November,2012

Gallery Timings - Monday to Saturday 10 to 7.30pm
Sundays & bank holidays 11 - 4pm.

The only Indian artist to be invited to the prestigious MASTERPIECES Art Fair in London this year, Revati Sharma Singh has been breaking ground in the international art market over the last few years.

Having sold works at the Lapada Art Fair as well as Art London and The Affordable Art Fair, London, she created an installation for Art Monaco in Monte Carlo - titled ' Running On Faith', currently on display at the Palace Hotel, Monte Carlo.

In a short span of time, she has carved a niche for herself as a thinking artist with extreme sensitivity and intensity whose work raises important questions pertinent to her country. She questions society using her art as a medium.

Her works have been exhibited with Artists such as Hussain, Raza, Souza and Manjeet Bawa at Modern Masters at The Imperial Hotel, New Delhi as well as the Summer & Winter Exhibitions at Kings Road Art Gallery, London.

In Mumbai, she is known for her installations at the Kala Ghoda Art Festivals where she addresses public issues like the lack of toilet facilities or the plight of street hawkers. Her recent installation, 'Mera Desh Mahaan?' questions the way we live our lives today.
Her painting/installation titled 365 days in Mumbai, is at the domestic airport, Mumbai.

Her first solo show in Mumbai at Gallery Art n Soul in 2010 was very well received and she has taken part in art auctions in Delhi, Mumbai, Singapore, Hongkong and London.

She is currently working on a project based on 365 days in London with a special emphasis on the Olympics .

Each of these paintings is a manifestation of an internal
journey on paths I have seldom walked.

A journey that sometimes finds clarity in chaos
and panic in moments of order.

At times, a cool silence accompanies the darkness
and sometimes one that craves the warmth of light.

My mind feels like a crowded city where thoughts constantly
nudge each other for space.

Sometimes I know there is an internal storm quietly raging
while I read a book. It simmers even while I pray.

This storm too has passed. And in all this I experienced
the best in everything. Strength, hope, love,
kindness and a fierce generosity of spirit.

This exhibition is dedicated to my mother - my guru, my
hero and the most fearless person I know

Revati Sharma Singh.

Abundace Series - Unabashed 57 x 91

An Escape 48 x 48

Calm 20 Panels 4 x 40 each [ 40 x 80 ]

Changing landscapes - Awakening.48 x 48 SOLD

Internal Journeys - 12 x 12

Internal Journeys - 12 x 12

Internal Journeys - 12 x 12

Internal Journeys - 12 x 12

Jostling for Space. 54 x 138 SOLD

Open eyed I 54 x 72 SOLD

Open eyed II 54 x 72

Quiet Exuberance 54 x 114

Sea of change 54 x 138

Somewhere in between I - 84 x 36 SOLD

Somewhere in between II - 84 x 36 SOLD

Storm 20 Panels 4 x 40 each [ 40 x 80 ]

Summer Infusion 55 x 103

The begining - 42 x 42 SOLD

The Journey 42 x 42

The Joy - 42 x 42

The Peace- 42 x 42

The Quest 42 x 42

The Silence - 42 x 42

The Stillness 42 x 42

Touching the sky - 54 x 114

Tumultuous Cities - 72 x 24

Unending Valleys 72 x 24

Unrestricted Freedom - 54 x 114

Untamed Solitude 54 x 114.

Wild Bouquet - 42 x 60
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