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BHUWAN SILHARE – From Gateway to Ghats

BHUWAN SILHARE – From Gateway to Ghats



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Tuesday 15th May 2018, 6 – 8 pm.

“MUMBAI” series

Mumbai fascinated me since my childhood the Famous marine drive lined with huge skyscrapers never failed to charm me .this dynamic city with thousands of beautiful old and new buildings had a magical spell on me. But what pulled the strings of my artistic heart are the magnificent historic buildings constructed during British Raj like V.T., Gateway of India, flora fountain,High Court,Raja Bai Tower,GPO etc.The intricate stone carving floral and animal designs embellished nooks and crannies of these building just send me into raptures my fingers itched to put them on my canvas. I simply had to immortalize them through colour and canvas .
I am doing series of paintings on Mumbai since 2005 ,I have made a series on said places from different angle at different time and different seasons to bring out the best profile of the structures.


I started doing paintings on VARANASI GHATS from 2014
Varanasi is a picture postcard.. a mosaic of ancient Hindu culture.. traditions.. spiritualism. Small wonder , not only billions of devotees and tourists , but artists, photographers down the centuries have also, descended in this holy city in hoards to immortalise this architecturally unique city, a washed in the holy waters of river Ganges . Just one visit to those majestic Ghats , and I was completely charmed by its ethereal. The ghats are cleaner.. better and more eye catching than ever.. And the vast stretch of holy Ghats with million of steps along the colourful temples and forts have acquired a fresh look.. More colour.. more grandeur.. more soothing sans dirt and filth which was an eyesore for visitors to this city before. Definitely , this city needed another rendition through colour and canvas.. I wanted to immortalise this breathtaking beauty one more time.. This time with acrylic.with pure pristine water of river Ganges added as medium to my acrylics to get that touch of spirituality to my work !!

Bhuwan Silhare

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