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Emre Lüle

Emre Lüle


Emre Lüle has been born in Ankara. He has graduated from the Bilkent University Faculty of Fine Arts Graphic Design Department in 2006. He has concentrated on industrial design since his university years and continued to work in this field following graduation. In 2007, he has received training on painting techniques at Mankiewicz in Hamburg. After returning to Turkey, he has conducted researches and studies on plastic injection, his father’s profession, and on dif-ferent painting techniques.

In 2011 Art Critic SEZER AYKAN, has tried to find to find a name to this technique, or ecole that Emre Lüle has totally discovered and developed personally without any inspiration, believ-ing that this unique art of Emre Lüle will add a new “ecole” to the world of art. In the history of art, some examples of those who perceived new art movements, generally art critics and editors of art magazines are: French art critic Louis Vauxcelles has created the names “Fauvism” and “Cubism”; Louis Leroy has introduced “Impressionism”; British art critic Roger Fry has named the “Postimpressionism” ecole; American art critic Harold Rosenberg has asserted the art of Jackson Pollock should be called “Action Painting”; Alfred Barr has had the art of V. Kandin-sky registered in the history of art with the name of the “Abstract Expressionism” ecole. And, Sezer Aykan, as a Turkish art critic, has said “this unique, powerful and different understand-ing of the valuable Turkish artist Emre Lüle should be called “Poly-plasticism” as it bears the features of being an ecole.” Here, the word “plastic” represents both the plastic material and the “plastic arts (painting, sculpture)”. Therefore, these works should be called “Poly-plastic artwork”, in simpler words “Intermeshing plastic artwork” or “Intermeshing plastic wall sculp-ture.”
02- Emre Lule - 100x80 cm - ''SPIRIT OF RAGIP PASHA'' plexiglas-ahşap_plexiglas-wood 2016 (Kopyala)

01- Emre Lule - 100x80 cm ''SPIRIT OF BOTTER'' plexiglas-ahşap_plexiglas-wood 2016 (Kopyala)

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