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Sameer Pawar

Sameer Pawar


Born in 1979, Sameer Pawar grew up in Mumbai, formerly called Bombay. It is a sprawling, densely populated city on India’s west coast. He received his BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) from Raheja School of Art in 2003.
Sameer took up a job with India’s largest selling English newspaper, Times of India, as a Graphic Designer, which allowed him to understand art on the digital medium.
He spends every waking moment of his life observing every minute detail of the fascinating world around him. His observations find expression in his art. He feels that Art transports one to spaces they wouldn’t otherwise be in and makes them feel things they never knew they could feel. His paintings are a culmination of the various forms of art he explored in the past.
Sameer lives and works in Mumbai.


The world I see around fascinates me like nothing else. I observe and I introspect. I adapt myself to different situations that life presents in front of me. As I travel I watch people going about their daily rigmarole. I have attempted to look beyond the obvious, tried to get underneath the surface – between the multiple layers of human emotions, reactions and expressions, to study the struggle within every individual to break out of the box, and the periphery he defines for himself. The body of work I present here, entitled BLOCK, is based on these observations.

People and their peculiarities have captured my imagination. They live and operate in their comfort zones- what I call Block. They are slaves of habit and every change in environment translates into a new set of boundaries and limits they set for themselves. This provides them a sense of security.

I have used the digital medium to express a sense of numbness one experiences while in the Block. These paintings illustrate the static world we live in, depriving ourselves the scope for growth, and the aversion to face challenges headlong.

As I dig deeper I question this state of mind. I wonder if there is a sense of desperation, a desire to escape and be somewhere else? The answer I arrive at is perhaps not! These zones provide the best answers in that given moment of time. They make perfect sense in the larger scheme of things. It is a state I call comfortably numb.

ON HIS TECHNIQUE -The artworks for the series Block have been created digitally using the Wacom tablet.
The technique is an outcome of years of familiarity with all other mediums, and exploration and manipulation of the digital medium itself, with the idea of giving the digital medium a fair chance, and serious consideration.

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