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Yayati Godbole

Yayati Godbole


Yayati tells us stories. His stories are introspective and express the poignancy of the moment, thought or dream. He captures, what is called reading in between the line, the sub text, like peeling the layers to reach to the core. It is almost as if the characters he conjures are capturing the sounds of the universe that is silent. A silence that reverberates and alters the way we perceive things live our lives and relate to each other.

His works are a heady combination of bold strokes with intricate finely executed details.
At a glance they appear as deceptively simple renditions, but a closer look reveals that the tonal variation is achieved by the density and intricacies of the patterns. It is an act of meditation that has created these mesmerizing details. He deftly manipulates black ink to build intricate motifs. Even when he uses colour it more as an adjunct to enhance the complexity of the black ink work, which akin to a jeweler chasing details. In this particular suite of works Yayati has created works on paper and canvas. While he has worked exclusively on a flat surface Yayati has also worked with objects; the humble table clock has acquired a whole new meaning in his hands. He has painted them with faces, figures and created a playful yet thought provoking stories that can go by your bedside.

I think finally Yayati sums up his thoughts quite eloquently, “The mind is never still, it is constantly traversing. Traversing through the dark depths of melancholy or floating amongst the puerile of the Past. Or wandering with exuberance and trepidation in arms through the blinding dazzle of the unknown. And in the vast arena of the mind the manifestations of the past and future come together, to create a pattern, a friction, a collision, sometimes dominating or sometimes just a mere hint of its presence. This constant battle to maintain the balance between That What Was and That What Will Be, creates an Accidental Abstinence of the Now”

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